How to use Tea tree oil for treating and preventing skin cancer

tea tree oilTea tree oil is one of the most widely used and popular essential oils in the world. It has been used for hundreds of years for many medicinal and healing purposes. One of the most common uses of tea tree oil is treating and preventing skin cancer. First, you need to understand about the skin cancer before attempting to treat it.Skin cancer is very common disease which is affecting thousands of people around the world. Non-melanoma is one of the most common types of cancer in UK. Skin cancer generally affects the areas of skin exposed to sunlight such as legs, face, chest and hands.  Skin cancer is seen more in people with a poor immune system.  If you want to cure this disease with the help of some natural treatment options, tea tree oil is the best option for you.

Tea Tree oil for Skin Cancer

Tea tree oil is extracted from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia. It is a natural antibiotic which helps in treating skin infections, wounds and also skin cancer. Here, we are going to tell some top most benefits of tea tree oil in treating skin cancer.

Anti-bacterial, Antiseptic and Anti-oxidant -:

tea tree oilTea tree oil has great anti-bacterial, antiseptic and antioxidant properties. Tea tree oil helps in activating white blood cells which are the part of immune system. Anti-bacterial properties of tea tree oil help in compromising the cell membrane of the bacteria and fungi, ultimately leading to cell death. Antiseptic properties of tea tree oil help in healing the wounds, cuts and irritation of the skin.

Anti-cancer -:

Tea tree oil has some anti-cancer properties which help to inhibit the growth of cancerous cells inside the body. Tea tree oil has both antimicrobial and anti-cancer effects. Tea tree oil helps to exhibit the strong cytotoxicity (toxic to cancer cells) against human lung cancer cells, human breast cancer cells and human prostate cancer cells.

Anti-inflammatory and immune stimulating -:

tea tree oil for skinTea tree oil has great anti-inflammatory properties which help in treating skin cancer. It also stimulates and strengthens your immune system. A sound immune system save you from the attack of different types of health issues including skin cancer.

Tea tree oil is found to inhibit the tumor growth and within a day of its application, the tumor seems to shrink considerably. Using tea tree oil to cure skin cancer could mean the prevention of painful and disfiguring surgery to remove cancerous tissues. Patients may no longer have to endure months of chemotherapy that makes them feel sick and nauseas. The only side effect associated with tea tree oil is mild skin irritation that disappears within some days.

You can apply tea tree oil in different ways. One such way is to put a single drop of oil on a cotton swab and dab on the affected parts or you can add few drops of tea tree oil in your bath tub of warm water. For effective results, apply it two to three times in a day. The tumor will shrink and disappear within three days.

tea tree oil usesTea tree oil is natural treatment option for skin cancer. It is natural as well as cost effective. You can try this method easily at home. If you are suffering from skin cancer problem, just try tea tree oil once. It will give you good and effective results.


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