Cancer Treatment – Onion Juice Therapy for Cancer Treatment

what-is-cancerTalking about the cancer disease engenders the fear among people because it is presumed as one of the most lethal diseases. Cancer is not only a word but it has emerged as one of the most lethal life-threatening diseases across the world. Cancer is prevalent throughout the world and it has evolved in a way that it can affect any part of your body. Today there are myriad of cancer patients that are forced to live in affliction. A cancer patient has to go through several onerous symptoms in his or her body but the condition gets worse when they build psychological pressure. Psychological pressure is something that can deteriorate your existing condition to the worse and you would not be able to recover it facilely. When we talk about cancer, doesn’t the human body. Some of them are gender specific and others don’t discriminate among genders. There are several kinds of cancers that affect the human body and some of them are breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, blood cancer, pancreatic cancer and much more that are very lethal. Although there are some cancer forms that are treatable but some of them are incurable if they reach to an advanced stage. Therefore it is imperative for you to keep an eagle eye on your health and if you suspect anything unusual in your body then you should not ignore or else you may have to regret for rest of your life.

Onion Juice Therapy for Cancer Treatment

onionWhen it comes to treatment of cancer, there are several medicinal options available to treat malignant cancer tumor but they have their own drawbacks such as side effects, expensive treatment and you may have to lose all your lifetime savings in a blink of an eye. Today I am going to talk about an option that will surely help you inhibit the malignant cancer tumor. Although this option is not the replacement of traditional cancer treatment options but it will surely going to help you with your cancer. Onion juice therapy for cancer is a concentrated method that allows us to absorb as many beneficial nutrients as we can. You would not believe but the reality is that onion has myriad of cancer preventing elements that may help you in various kind of cancers. According to studies conducted by Italian researchers- “People who have a diet rich in onions and garlic have a significantly lower risk of developing certain cancers.” According to Rui Hai Liu, M.D., Ph.D., a chemist with Cornell’s Department of Food Science in Ithaca, N.Y-“Onion Juice Therapy has been prescribed for hundreds of years by natural practitioners such as Sufi healers. Evidence for the long history of onion juice therapy in fighting cancer can be found in books like Natural Medicines, Traditional Sufi Healing Methods which is reprinted on the web with permission under the title Introduction to Natural Healing”

Onion-EffectivenessAlthough strong and pungent flavored onions can be harsh on your social life because after eating onions your mouth starts smelling and no one wants to come near your but they are potential enough to inhibit the malignant cancer tumor of your body. According to the researchers of Cornell University- “members of the onion family with the strongest flavor — particularly New York Bold, Western Yellow, and shallots — are the best varieties for inhibiting the growth of liver and colon cancer cells.” The people from countries like India where onions, garlic, and other allium spices are most commonly used and the onions are the necessity of every household are least prone to various kind of cancer because it helps you prevent malignant cancer tumor from forming. If cancer tumor has manifested the spices of allium family helps inhibit malignant cancer tumor. Onion is a natural antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory agent that can help you with several kinds of diseases including malignant cancer tumors. Therefore onion juice therapy can be the good option for if you want inhibit malignant cancer tumor at its earlier stage.

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