Cancer- Signs, Symptoms and Its Diagnosis

You might have been aware of the word cancer but you might not have been aware of what the cancer actually is. Cancer is a group of similar diseases and these disease defined by the abnormal growth of cells in your body with the potential to transmit these abnormal cells to the other parts of the body. Cancer can affect any part of your body but there are some specific body parts that it targets usually. Those parts in men are lung, prostate, colon, rectum, stomach and liver and for women these are breast, colon, rectum, lung, cervix and stomach.cancer in men and womenThe onset of the cancer starts when your body cells start growing out of control or abnormally. Your body cells keep renewing it-self when you are not affected with cancer. Normally your cells born then it nourished and then it starts to die and then the new formed cells start taking place of the deceased cells but when you are affected with cancer this process is being resisted by and breaks down. As this condition gets more and more severe the old cells start to survive instead of dying and the reason of it when new cells are formed they don’t find a way to adjust themselves into the body and then these cells starts dividing without stopping and this process keeps continuing itself and form tumors in your body. There are almost 100 types of cancer across the world that affects men and women distinctively. There are various signs and symptoms of this disease and we are going to talk about those symptoms a cancer patient faces during cancer. Those symptoms are:

Signs and Symptoms of Cancer 

Intestinal problems:

intestinal problem for cancerconstipation problems that could be chronic, diarrhea or you may also feel the change in your feces. All these could be the symptoms colon cancer. Apart of that you could also feel pain while relinquishing urine, bleeding through urine. Bladder or prostate cancer to be blamed for it.

Chronic sores:

Cancer harms your immunity system. In skin cancer, any kind of would not heal as early as it should.

Weight loss:

Weight loss for cancer Most of the people lose weight at some point of their cancer outbreak. Therefore unexplained weight loss could be the first symptom of pancreas, stomach, esophagus (swallowing tube), or lung cancers.
High Body Temperature: Increase in body temperature is often being noticed in cancer patients. Almost every person with cancer will have fear at some point of their life.

Fatigue and Pain: Fatigue and Pain for cancer

people often feel extreme tiredness and it doesn’t get better even after taking adequate rest. Pain may be the earlier symptom of some cancers such as bone cancers or testicular cancer.


It is one of the major life threatening health condition that has been transmitted throughout the world and is second most life taking disease in America. Now we will talk about diagnosis of this disease. Some cancers are diagnosed during the routine screening tests but most of them are being diagnosed when you go to your doctor with some specific symptoms that you are facing for a specific time period. After examination of your cells and tissue the experts can diagnose whether it is cancer or something else. In most of the cases biopsy is done in order to diagnose cancer tissues. Biopsy is a medical procedure where a doctor removes a sample of tissues and then these tissues are examined under the microscope to determine whether it is cancer or something else. Therefore these are the diagnosis process that is being followed by medical professionals to diagnose cancer disease.

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