Can fish oil help to get rid of prostate cancer?

prostate cancerProstate cancer is the most common type of cancers that is only found in men. The condition in which the cells of a man’s prostate gland begin to multiply in an abnormal way is known as prostate cancer. The prostate gland is a part of the male reproductive system. It is located in the front of the rectum. It secretes a fluid that protects and nourishes the sperms.

Several studies show that around 80 – 85 % of all men have prostate cancer in their eighties. Most of them died without knowing that they are suffering from prostate cancer. Experts told that prostate cancer starts with very small alterations in the shape and size of the prostate gland cells.

To select the therapy for prostate cancer, it is very important to know the stage of cancer. TNM (tumor / nodes / metastases) is a most commonly used system to determine the cancer and its stages. Clinically T1 and T2 types of cancer are found within the prostate gland. They don’t spread in any other part of the body. T3 and T4 type of cancer can spread outside the prostate gland.

Diagnose-Prostate-CancerGenerally, we prefer different medicines and therapies to cure prostate cancer. Do you ever think about the natural treatment for cancer? We all know that nature have the most effective solution for almost all the diseases then why not cancer? In this article, we will discuss a natural cure for prostate cancer that is fish oil.

One of the most used therapies for cancer is immunotherapy. With the help of this therapy doctor tries to improve the immunity of the body so that our body can easily fight against the cancer cells. Some of the natural substances that contain omega- 3 fatty acids can also very effective in improving our immune system. The fish oil is the richest source of omega-3 acid. Omega – 3 fatty acids have a tendency to reduce the growth of cancer cells. It works as a signal for the body to stop the production of these cells. These fatty acids are also very successful in reducing the inflammation caused by the cancer cells. It also reduces the risk of heart attack and other heart related diseases.

How to use fish oil to get rid of prostate cancer? fish oil for cancer

You can easily find the fish supplements at your local pharmacy and medical stores. Always remember that a standard 1000 milligram dose of fish oil contains around 300 milligrams of omega – 3 fatty acids. A 500 milligram dose of fish oil contains around 100 – 150 milligrams of omega – 3 fatty acids. It is very important to take a proper amount of omega – 3 fatty acids to effectively cure the prostate cancer. So, to meet the average dose, you may also need to take more than one fish oil soft gel. To know the exact amount you have to meet your doctor and discuss this with him. Follow his instructions properly and have some patience and believe in your doctor.

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