Someone dies from lung cancer every half minute if we add up all the deaths caused by lung cancer, and this is just one type of cancer, there are many more taking lives of millions. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. You first need to understand what cancer actually is. Cancer is not just a disease; it is a word denoting more than 100 types of health related abnormalities. Cancer refers to the condition in which any cell growth occurs in your body cancerabnormally, and destroys healthy cells while spreading uncontrollably. This is cancer, but depending on the size of growth, the impact of such growth on your body, and of course the place in your body where it is growing, we can categorize cancer in 100 different types of disease. In women of the United States and worldwide, breast, colorectal, lung & bronchus, cervical, and stomach cancer are the most common types of cancer, while in men you would see lung, bronchus, prostate, colorectal, stomach, and liver more commonly occurring. Out of these, breast cancer in women and prostate cancer among men are the very common culprits, and both of them can be tackled with early stage detection. All you need is a clear idea of the warning signs.

Now you know quite well that we have many different types of cancers. Some of the common names are breast cancer, lung and bronchus cancer, prostate cancer, colon and rectum cancer, bladder cancer, melanoma of the skin, non- Hodgkin lymphoma, thyroid cancer, kidney and renal pelvis cancer, leukemia, endometrial cancer, and pancreatic cancer. With these many types, curing cancer is still remains a challenge to the medical world. If at all we are able to treat the disease in some patients, the treatment is so painful that many patients are not able to bear that. Almost 35% of those who get cancer fail to survive for a long duration. As a result in the year 2012, two million deaths globally were attributed to cancer according to the World Health Organization. The only thing that influences the output of the treatment is early detectiobreast cancern. Timely diagnosis has a direct impact on whether or not your treatment would be successful. Recognizing possible warning signs of cancer and taking prompt action leads to early diagnosis. Early detection can literally save your life in case you actually have cancer. With the help of some very common cancer symptoms you can actually know that it is time to go for a proper diagnosis of cancer. And if you are vigilant enough, it becomes easy to stop the menace from growing into your body. You actually have certain amount of control on your health and cancerous growth until it has grown very large or destroyed the cells in very huge amount. If you still cannot see the importance of knowing the importance of early identification of signs as cancer symptoms, have a look at the conclusions of some popular studies.Breast cancer is a very common type of cancer generally occurring in women of all ages. If you are aware about the symptoms of cancer you increase your chances of speedy recovery and survival by many folds. More than 90% of women diagnosed with breast cancer at the earliest stage survive their disease for at least 5 years compared to around 15% for women diagnosed with the most advanced stage of disease.

ovrian cancer In case of another common type of cancer- ovarian cancer only 5% of women manage to survive if the detection is delayed and the cancer is allowed to reach chronic stage. It is clear now that how much effect you can have just y being aware about the early signs and symptoms of cancer. It does make a huge difference. But due to unclear information and misleading facts, sometimes we take some signs as cancer symptoms but it is just that they only look like cancer. In reality, they are something else.

Although the signs and symptoms of cancer would totally depend on where the cancer is growing, I mean in which body part, what is the size of the abnormal growth and what type of growth it is, we can assess it is cancer with the help of some common symptoms that usually accompany the disease. Some places of your body are really sensitive and even a small tumor would bother you at the initial stage itself, but some parts absorb the effect for a longer time causing delay in the diagnosis. For example if it is related to brain, this is such a compact place that a minute growth would result in headaches, and abnormalities in nerves. But if it is in pancreas or bile duct, these places and ample space to allow the tumor to grow into the real trouble without causing many symptoms that seem like cancer.
Some early signs of cancer include

Lumps: lumps for skin cancerDepending on which type of cancer you have, some kind of lumps may be developed. Sometimes these lumps are painful and in most of the cases absolutely painless. However it is not that easy to conclude that any lump would be a result of some cancerous growth only. Lump is a very common sign that seem like cancer but can also indicate thyroid nodule, cyst, lypomas, or even a swollen lymph node can look like it is a cancerous lump. Although it is not possible to tell whether the lump is cancerous or not, we should see the doctor immediately if the growth is hard, immovable, and persists for more than a few weeks. Rapidly growing lumps should also be taken seriously as there is high probability that it is cancer.


sore for skin cancerSores occur at a stage of cancer when the cancer breaks out of the skin and creates kind of a wound. We conveniently call that a sore, but actually it is a sign of malignant cancer. These sores are commonly confused with pressure sores. Pressure sores are wounds that develop when constant pressure or friction on one area of the body damages the skin. Constant pressure on an area of skin stops blood flowing normally, so the cells die and the skin breaks down.


Abnormal bleeding or discharge: Each year, more than 80,000 women in the United States are diagnosed with a gynecologic cancer, such as endometrial (also known as uterine), ovarian or cervical cancer. Abnormal bleeding is the very first symptom associated with it. Any kind of irregular bleeding, or even spotting should not be ignored at all. Bloody, dark or smelly discharge also is usually a sign of infection. But sometimes, it’s a sign of cervical or endometrial cancer. Having these two symptoms does not clearly mean that you have cancer, but if they persist for a few weeks, getting them checked is a better option.

Fever: fever for cancerAlmost all people with cancer will have fever at some time, especially if the cancer or its treatment affects the immune system. The fever may be a result of cancer, or it may be a sign of some other infection trying to develop into your body.

fatigue for cancer Fatigue is generally extreme tiredness. You get tired when you do a lot of work and have no time to rest, but in fatigue you would be tired even when you do nothing. If the fatigue is associated with cancer, it surely would be extreme, chronic and long lasting. If you feel weak for no valid reason, find it hard to get up from bed, and tiredness is not ready to leave you after long and deep sleep, make sure you think in the direction of cancer rather than ignoring it for too long.

Weight loss: Weight lossCytokines are produced by our body to fight the cancerous growth. More of these cytokines are actually responsible for unexplained weight loss. Even after taking proper diet you would continuously loose weight. Although it can be due to cancer, there are high chances that this sign also just seem like cancer to you, but in reality it is


Weakness for cancerYou find it hard to convince your self to stand up for a glass of water. Yes, it is this much laziness that the cancerous growths can introduce into your body. This makes the patient lethargic and he/she will continuously feel sleepy.


Dizziness: Dizziness for cancerIt refers to a disorienting sensation such as faintness, lightheadedness, or unsteadiness. Cancer patients of any type due to weakness and fatigue may find it difficult to stand for more than a few minutes.

With all these signs and symptoms you can get a fair idea of when you need to visit your doctor and get things checked. It is possible that all of them may happen to you at one time, or it may be the case you are experiencing one symptom at a tie and another at some other random time. But the key is that if any one of the above stated symptoms, or more than one sign persistently bothers for too long, make sure you do not ignore it.

Speaking a bit more about cancer, more than 90% of all lung cancer cases are caused by smoking and 22% of all cancer deaths are due to lung cancer resulting from smoking. This is important to talk about because all these deaths can be avoided. Lung cancer is the most preventable type of cancer, just by quitting a bad habit of yours; you decrease the probability of getting lung cancer by manifolds. Tobacco product use is the most preventable cause of cancer worldwide. A single cigarette contains 69 known cancer-causing carcinogens and over 4,000 chemicals. According to national cancer institute family history, radiation therapy, consumption of alcohol, and aging are some of the factors that puts you at the risk of getting breast cancer. Drinking green tea and eating grapes are the easiest way to reduce you chances, other than this garlic again has some antibiotic properties that help in curing the ailment.

Living with cancer without any treatment is like giving it time for more destruction and reducing your chances of survival. Awareness of true and actual facts, the early signs and symptoms and a clear knowledge of all the warning signs that direct towards cancer is of uttermost importance for everyone.